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Nestled at the foot of the Matterhorn, lies the idyllic alpine resort of Zermatt, which has developed into one of Switzerland’s premier summer and winter resorts. No motor vehicles are allowed within Zermatt; the only allowed means of transport are horse-sleighs and carriages, alongside bicycles and electric cars. This aids in giving one of the best pre-requisites for a relaxing and peaceful vacation within the idyllic setting that is Zermatt.
Getting here by Train:
Upon arrival in Brig or Visp, it is possible to connet with the cog railway - "Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn", which takes you on a 90 min journey up throug the ruggedy romantic foothills of the valley, into the alpine resort of Zermatt.
Getting here by car
The Co-Ordinates of Zermatt/Täsch:  46° 4 n. Br. - 7° 45' ö. L..
At Täsch you will have to park your car within the designated areas. Form here you have 2 possibilities to access Zermatt.
Alternative I (Taxi)
You park your car at a parking space offered by private parties in Täsch. They can drive you to Spiss at the entrance to Zermatt, where we will pick you up on request till 9:00 p.m.
Alternative II (Train)
You park your car in the parking "Terminal Matterhorn Täsch" and take the train to Zermatt.
Travelling by Plane:
Zermatt is located just a few hours from international airports  Geneva,  Zurich  or  Milan Malpensa  distant.  Also  Sion,  Bern  or  Basel  are possible airfields.
Duration of travel By Train By Car By Helicopter
Zurich Airport - Zermatt 3 Hours 261 km 60 Mins.
Geneva Airport - Zermatt 3½ Hours 236 km 50 Mins.
Basel Airport - Zermatt 5 Hours 230 km 80 Mins.
Milan Airport - Zermatt 4 Hours 230 km 35 Mins.
Sion Airport - Zermatt 2 Hours 82.7 km 20 Mins.
The best way to get to Zermatt is via either Zurich or Geneva Airport.
Our hotel is located above Zermatt.

From the train station you follow the Getwingstrasse alongside the Gornergrat station until the bridge (river) where the entrance to the elevator is located opposite you. The elevator is share with the Chalet Hotel Schönegg.

In the elevator you choose floor 2; leave the Chalet Hotel Schönegg by the door on the left and take a staircase to the street "Riedstrasse" and to our hotel. The maximum walking duration is 12 minutes.